Video Poker

In this case, the two players have a pair of Jacks, but the second player has a kicker to 9 while the first kicker to 8, then the second wins the round.

If two players have identical combinations, and the same kicker, the pot is split between them. It is often advisable to play hands that the bottom card is too low if necessary, your kicker is almost nonexistent.

Video poker game very similar to Hold'em, also sometimes called Omaha Hold'em. The only major difference is that here we do not have two hole cards but 4. For more information, read our article on Omaha Poker.

Omaha High Low: The rules of Omaha Hi / Lo are the same as Omaha, but here there can be two winners in each hand, the high hand and the low hand. A low hand is a hand with all cards below 9. The Stud poker types are very different from other poker games presented above.

These are the types of poker without community cards and know that there are several variants: 7 Card Stud Poker (seven-card stud) or 5 cards (five-card stud), Stud Eight or Better which is a seven Card Stud played in High / low and Razz is a seven-card Stud low mode.

To play online video poker, several criteria are required to succeed. First, it takes a lot of concentration. The player must be aware that he has opponents on the game table Thus, it is not enough to focus on its hands, but also to carefully observe the style of play competitors.

Once the final betting round is completed, we proceed to the showdown (showdown). If the combination of 5 cards highest card is entirely composed of the table, then there is equality between the players and the pot is split equally.

 If several players have the same card combinations, use the kicker for the tie. The kicker is the second card that everyone has. For example, if two players for the first J-8 and J-9 the second, and the five community cards are: K-7-3-JA.