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Focused on the new continent by the French colonizers and then quickly reach the United States today, where he first made known in the saloons of dusty old West and then come to Las Vegas where he has always held the pole position of gambling the most beloved.

In general, you can play craps in two different ways: as a pitcher or as dice bettor. In both cases, the result of the dice roll determines the potential gain and the amount. 

In other words, to win at craps you can roll the dice and get a win, or simply bet on the outcome of the dice rolled by someone else. It is obvious that all this makes the game very seaman and often, once you understand the mechanism, you get completely absorbed by the entertainment it provides, almost exclusively by the desire to win.

Few people know that craps or dice game, is one of gamin's oldest, it appears that individual bones, perfectly cubic, were used there are hundreds and hundreds of years as a cubes. But sticking to the most reliable information.

Based on data collected by a famous gambling expert, Richard Epstein, the game goes back to the Middle Ages: it was then another set, the characteristics Similar called Hazard, whose rules were reviewed and written by the French

The origin of the word craps is rather unique, its etymology seems related to the word Saxon and Crabs (crab), but someone else claims. The rules given are probably more complicated rules for inexperienced players. At first glance the rules of casino craps with (given) are very complicated, but it really is not.

The best way to understand the rules of craps is playing these since the theory without practice is difficult to understand. Know the rules to know all the possibilities that offer users dice. Here is the online casino benefit 1,414% and 1,402%, this is one of the best betting options that you as a player at the craps online craps can make. Pass Line Same online casino advantage as "Come Bets".