Variety of Playing Blackjack

In online casinos and live can meet different variation of the classic blackjack . Many of them are superior to the classic version as exciting and profitable. You may ask, why did the classic blackjack remains the most popular, and all its variations refer to the section of the exotic? The answer is simple. Exciting games in other species is achieved by more complex rules, and leading figures of the classic blackjack are not willing to risk money by learning unfamiliar, though exciting game. Why strain? After all, a good old classic version provides almost guaranteed profit in the presence of player skills.

But what about the newcomers? Beginners anyhow, what version of the game to start learning, but for some reason they prefer to follow the example of luminaries and choose the classic version. This is their main mistake. After all, for a beginner does not matter where to begin his career as a player. At the same time, many different varieties of blackjack (but not all) can be much more profitable than the classic version. See for yourself.

The main difference with the classical variant is that the player always gets two cards on hand. Then the player can swap the cards that were handed out second. For example, the player has received a K-5 and 2-10. He can swap the top five and top ten. Thus, it will be the starting card: K-10 (20 points) and 2-5 (7 points). On the first hand, the player stands, the second gets.

This addition to the classic blackjack, something like a bonus that the casino owners from time to time introduced into their establishments to attract more players. Casino offers players the money if they are in a game of blackjack take 5 cards and do not search. That is the sum of points 5 cards should not exceed 21. The bonus amount depends on the generosity of the casino. But before you try to win a bonus, you might want to know the following. Probability take 5 cards in the game with 6 decks and bust more than 21 points, is 1 to 50. That is, you succeed on average 1 time in 50 attempts. If the promised payoff less than 50 of your bets, then the game is not worth the candle.