Play Online Roulette

Some game options help to increase the player's advantage to online roulette. One of these options is the sharing rule, or "prison".

Which allows you to benefit from a new turn of the wheel without touching your bets or share setting (50% for the player, 50% of the casino) . Another option gives you the opportunity to get half of your bet if the ball lands on zero

First we must say that the online roulette is everything and all identical to that found in terrestrial casinos. In French Roulette is a single zero, while in Roulette there is also a double zero: the player is more advantageous to the French Roulette, because it allows statistically more likely to win.

The principle is simple: point your chips, click on "spin" and the ball will be launched on roulette. If it stops on the number that is present in your bet, you win. Easy, right. The episode is undoubtedly the most profitable number of dry. Placing a chip in the center of the box showing the number on the green carpet, where the number came out you win 35 times the amount that you bet on.

That is focusing only 10 euros if they win 350. Then there is the so-called split bet: you place the chip on the line dividing two adjoining numbers, and if one comes out of those two numbers, you win 17 times the amount bet.

It continues with the episode that win 11 times, the one that has three numbers and obtained by placing the chip on the bottom line that matches the beginning of a line, in fact, three numbers. We continue with the bet is won 8 times the mail and that provides a combination of 4 numbers (egg 0,1,2,3, but any is fine quartet of numbers adjacent to each other).

Finally, for the more experienced players, there are ads: buttons as "neighbors", "serial", "orphans" and "final" grouping numbers are not contiguous and guarantee a win depending on the combination that is obtained after the ball has stopped on a number in the ad. At this point you just have to spin the wheel, throw the ball and wait for fate is fulfilled!